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The TF740 is specially designed for bait boats. It integrates wireless fish finder, high precision compass, GPS and autopilot system. The advanced sonar features show you a detailed bottom structure and fish signals. The autopilot system accurately navigates the boat to a saved target. It's a true autonomous driving system, which can help anglers use their boats under harsh conditions, such as in the dark or in heavy fog. The TF740 supports *.kml files (which can be edited via Google Earth), then set it as the outline of the lake. It helps the angler to precisely select a point and then simply activates the autopilot mode via the [PUSH-GO] button. The TF740 is not only a fish finder, but also an unmanned operating system for bait boats that ensures you have a happy time of fishing.


BASICTFT Color Screen5"
PowerDC 9~15V
Battery3S 18650 (Optional)
Built-in Li-ion ChargerYes
AC-DC power supplyOptional
Water ProofSplashproof
Echo SounderMax. Depth40m
Sonar coverage60 degree
Ping Rate6Hz
Sonar Software EngineGen3
Hardware Gain AdjustableYes
User Defined Color Scheme SupportYes
Color Route to Indicate Depth(2D Map)Yes
tsl2 logger for SonarViewerN/A
Radio SystemRadio Frequency2.4GHz
Radio Power(Max)20dBm
Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS)Yes
Direct-sequence spread spectrum (DSSS)Yes
Max Range300m
GPS & CompassGPS Accuracy(CEP)2.5m
Compass at Boat SideYes
Compass at Dispaly SideYes
Waypoint Number500
Routes to be Saved10
AutopilotTwo propellers boat supportYes
propeller & Rudder boat supportYes
Steering Sensitivity AdjustableYes
Wiring Test ModeYes
Push-Go Key(shortcut)Yes
Pick up waypoint form mapYes
Google kml import to Define Lake BoundaryYes

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