All our products are regularly invoiced and have a standard European guarantee of 24 months.

The warranty covers damage-malfunctions due to manufacturing defects, it does not cover damage - malfunctions due to accidental causes / inexperience or improper use of the purchased product.

The guarantee is valid only and exclusively if the product is combined with the purchase invoice kept by the customer

But let's take an example:

My boat has a problem with the remote control, the display turns on and off for no apparent reason.

WARRANTY: the radio control does not work correctly there is a false contact that affects its functioning it has not taken hits and externally it looks like when purchased so the intervention is under WARRANTY.

NOT IN WARRANTY: the remote control does not work correctly but there are visible signs of bumps and carelessness in its use, by opening it we checked for the presence of oxide in the contacts which affects its operation, surely it took a few hits and came into contact with some water, in this case the intervention IS NOT UNDER WARRANTY.


Almost everyone is good at selling, but the after-sales service in case of problems? surely after some time you will not remember how much you paid for a product, but you will certainly remember all the problems it gave you or the bad after sales service received.

Particular attention is given to after-sales customer service, our staff is particularly keen to provide an excellent service in case of problems with the purchased product.

Assistance on our products is immediate and managed by the Rcfishingboat headquarters in Milan.

Generally all spare parts are available in stock except for some specific cases where the products are no longer on the market or very dated.

Service times never exceed a week, so the customer who sends their product in for service won't have to despair over biblical waiting times.

Our advice is to always contact us by phone in case of problems as 90% of cases are solved by phone, less stress for the customer, faster intervention for our staff.


Davide M

on mag 5, 2022

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