Which model to choose?

Which model to choose?

Choosing the new "baitboat" or "barchino da carpfishing" or whatever you want to call it is not always an easy task: you have different models, various configurations, different brands and manufacturers in mind; in addition we are bombarded with information from friends / fishing partners who have this or that model with often conflicting theories ... In short, always the same soup that does nothing but increase the confusion in our heads!

First of all, let's dispel the myth that "the more you spend, the more beautiful and performing the boat" is actually not quite like that.

Much depends on your needs and the fishing spots you frequent.

Your bait boat must fully reflect yourself, the places you frequent (lakes-cave-rivers) and not disappoint expectations during a session.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself during your favorite session. Now think not to launch in a traditional way, but to get help from a technological vehicle called Baitboat that helps you to position the rig and to choose the most suitable spot.

In this situation, what would be most useful to you?

Have a super detailed, color echo, why don't you know the lake and have to fathom it?

Or an autopilot GPS system that saves you in night sessions, with blind shots, or in case of fog or poor visibility?

Let's ask ourselves a few questions and let's stay afloat!

A color Fishfinder with maximum detail that helps me to fathom, as I do not know the fishing location, would it be an essential accessory?

The GPS with autopilot because I fish at night and I want to have a vehicle that works in complete autonomy in conditions of poor visibility?

Does the GPS with autopilot help me to be monstrously precise and effective even on short sessions?

A light and transportable boat, as space is what it is, and I don't know where to put the equipment anymore, so would a small boat be quite comfortable for me?

Where do I usually fish? closed lakes, open lakes, slow flowing rivers.

Does the budget I have available cover all my needs?

Can the model I am purchasing be implemented over time with any accessories that I am not currently planning to purchase?

I happened to try a baitboat from a friend who has already bought it, was I happy with it?

Last but not least: assistance. If it breaks me, who do I turn to?

Are assistance times fast or do I have to wait months?

Have you answered the previous questions? now some useful advice:

PREDATOR: The model is small, light and easily transportable; in short, a concentration of electronics in a small format, full of accessories and designed to be mounted even after purchase. The Predator model is ideal for those who want a compact, light but super-equipped boat. The battery has an excellent duration and the total load capacity equal to a medium to large boat.

Its use is excellent for quarries, small open lakes and slow flowing rivers.

* Accessories such as fish finder, groundbait tower and pod can be retrofitted, with the exception of the GPS.

PREDATOR MAXI: Medium-large size, boat with a sharp nose and a wiry line, this model covers all kinds of needs at 360 °. Super performing batteries, total load capacity of 9kg. Thanks to its flat excavation it is very suitable for open lakes, even in unfavorable conditions, quarries, carpodromes and medium flowing rivers. The 60w motors make themselves felt when called upon, providing a considerable additional boost.

* Accessories such as fish finder, groundbait tower and pod can be retrofitted, with the exception of the GPS.

ZEUS: It's the perfect All in one! A boat with an excellent quality / price ratio, correct size for any use. The remote control incorporates gps, autopilot and fishfinder. All functions are at your fingertips and easy to interpret on its display. Very quiet engines; it arrives four times on the memorized target without disturbing the fish. The lithium batteries add mind-boggling performance ... 40 round trips at 140m without ever recharging them. Baitboat suitable for closed lakes, paid quarries, and carpodromes.

* The model cannot be modified or equipped with echoes other than the one fitted as standard.

RC1: Same electronics as the ZEUS model but as standard with lithium batteries! Its captivating design certainly does not make it go unnoticed ... Her size is important; its trimaran hull allows it to load 5kg of groundbait in total. The engines are slightly more "pushed" than the Zeus model, but remember that they have to push more given the size of the boat. The RC1 model is suitable for closed lakes, caves, carpodromes, and open lakes in quiet conditions.

* Model cannot be modified or equipped

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Which model to choose?

Davide Team Rc

on mar 31, 2022

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