The convenience of having a pod ....

The convenience of having a pod ....

The small boat Pod is a tool that is as simple as it is effective.

I'll do this review talking about my case ... I'm a big man of 1.90 x 94kg, so not really a twig. Every time I have to put the boat in the water, fully loaded and I am not on the lake shore, it is a great pain as I have to lower myself and, if the boat is on land, load it, put the terminal, launch it in the water and start! All this 'up and down' makes me impatient and makes my poor back suffer!

Using the Pod, 99% of my discomforts have been solved; I adjust the boat to the height that is most comfortable for me; if I am in lakes with steps I leave it in the water, but raised, so as to be at ease for the load; I prepare in advance the baiting phase on the lake, so that when it's time I'm ready, in a second I disconnect it from the pod and put it in the water.

So the question I asked myself is ... why didn't I get it before !!


Compatible with any carp fishing stake

Built in steel and powder enameled with oven cooking

Available for many boat models

Adjustable height of the pegs

Suitable for any situation or terrain

Set up in 2 minutes

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The convenience of having a pod ....

Samuele Team Rc

on mar 31, 2022

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