An important chapter for the well-being of your boat is MAINTENANCE, guys it must be done to keep your baitboat always in efficiency and ready to go!

CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN !: Guys ..., boats need to be kept tidy and clean, electronics don't go hand in hand with dirt, the more tidy a boat is, the longer it will last you. The external cleaning of the body must be done with a non-aggressive degreaser or better still hot water and soap! "DO NOT USE DIRECT WATER JETS" because boats can get wet but not with high pressure jets. (Carp fishing boats are NOT watertight).

ASPIRARE ASPIRARE ASPIRARE: It's Sunday and your Wife sees you go down to the Box with the vacuum cleaner ..., a smile appears on her face making you realize that it was time to clean the BOX too and that a reward is waiting for you once done ! Once the gate is open you find yourself in front of your beautiful barrchino, then attach the suction remove the battery covers or the body if they are models with a removable body and give it inside by sucking any form of alien life present inside it.

AND THE GRILLS ?: It is essential to always keep the grids and propellers clean, it takes very little and checking every now and then puts us safe from any small inconvenience caused by this inexperience, besides all free propellers clean grids make you go the boat more , consume fewer batteries and the temperature of the electronics inside the baitboat remains stable.

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Ettore A

on apr 5, 2022

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