Surfcasting Baitboat

Surfcasting Baitboat

When it comes to Surfcasting, the first thought goes to the sea and the beautiful beaches where this sport is practiced.

The model in question for the sea is only one, and only one name echoes among the waves and the white foam of the stormy sea "POSEIDON". Well yes, if a light bulb has turned on in your brain and you are thinking of using a freshwater baitboat in the sea, unplug it immediately, run it and turn off that light bulb! The sea does not accept compromises and carelessness so you need to play hard with a model specially designed for this purpose.

POSEIDON: This baitboat has been studied and designed specifically for use at sea, its core is made of stainless steel and fiberglass, finished externally with gelcoat that characterizes its yellow and black color. The use is the same as for carp fishing boats but the Poseidon turns out to be much tougher to deal with marine difficulties. You can use it to lower your line or even a longline with a weight not exceeding 3kg. Arrived at the desired point, the release is activated from the remote control and that's it!

WORLD CHAMPION OF LAUNCHING: Every self-respecting surfcaster mythologizes their launches by reaching respectable distances! So far everything is fine, but how does the lure arrive after a 150m cast? but above all does it reach us intact or is only the scent left? And what about the line that is put to the test with every throw? Breakages and loss of terminals are the order of the day. Of course we want to take the concepts to extremes but basically there is always a minimum of truth and the doubt that the bait is still attached after several hours of silence remains.

USE OF THE BAITBOAT: There are various positive aspects in bringing the bait out into the open with the boat; first of all the bait arrives beautifully fresh and intact, secondly, however, the terminal does not suffer shocks and breakages, thirdly you cover great distances that with a simple launch you would not be able to reach.

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Surfcasting Baitboat

Andrea M

on feb 9, 2022

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